Sunday, August 23, 2009

West Coast Crab Enchiladas

My grandmother will be the cook tonight. She is making the crab enchiladas my aunt begged for all day yesterday. The crab is crab my grandparents caught when they were in Washington. It is SO good! It is the same crab I grew up catching with my grandpa in the summers. It always makes me nostalgic when I eat this dish. I have never made it and I am not sure what all goes in it because by the time I come around it is always in the oven. Tonight is the night for me to learn...I will bring back details.

My contribution is going to be a batch of spicy green chili.


  1. anything with crab work for me. combined with white sauce, oh yeah. and tortillas, life does not get better. have you tried crab in a tamale? i think the white sauce and the crab would be amazing. as a suggestion to your restaurant menu.