Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life Interrupted...

The plan for tonight was to eat dinner with my aunt, uncle, grandparents, husband and Steve (yeah...I don't know him either). Instead, I am at home watching HBO, doing laundry and thinking up recipes while Kamal is helping his dad replace their water heater....the one that decided to flood the basement this morning.

So, there will be no fresh crab enchiladas for us tonight, but there will be left overs tomorrow and after that I am thinking I will make fish tacos with green chile and avocado cream sauce. In fact, I think it is going to a be a south of the border kind of week....maybe a NY strip with chimichurri and mexican chocolate cupcakes. I feel a theme coming on! I better check out this week's sales at the market and see what inspires me.

Sometimes life is interrupted, some weeks more than others...but, hey, it makes us who we are, sometimes it even makes us better.


  1. This looks great !!! I love the caggage.

  2. celeste jane, i got an email from sur le table last night. their fall cooking schedule. i noticed one on maza, learning to make tortillas, tamales, etc.... i am going to take it. maybe a class will help with the recipe creating. a new medium. maza.

  3. sweetie, are you going to blog again ?? i know it is really sad the Teddy died, but you have to eat.

  4. LOL! I am back! It has been a crazy week. I have so many recipes on the way!